Prices List

Filming one professional camera
HD professional camera -- $ 100.00/per hour
(Minimum one hour filming)

Editing and Production -- $ 100.00 per / hour
(price includes Editing, with quote for over voice, music, special effects)

DVD special event sale ----------------- $ 20.00/per DVD

Blu Ray special event --------------------$ 25.00/per disc


VHS C, VHS, VHS S, BETA cam SP, Camera Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV, HDD
Type of WorkPrice
up to 2 hours of video transferred to DVD from one video tape
$ 13.00
up 2 hours video transferred 5 tapes minimum and more Quantity special is available
Combine short tapes if your first video tape is shorter than 2 hours, you may combine footage from other tapes to the same DVD.

DVD Duplication Services

Duplication price includes: High-Quality brand name disc, black printing on the disc face, jewel case
Full-color printing available.

$ 5.00/each DVD

Transfer Home Movies & No Set up fees.
Type of WorkQuantityPrice
High Quality brand name disc, black printing on disc face, jewel case, full colour printing available
$ 5.00/each DVD
8mm/super8 film
50’to 2999’
$ 0.18/per foot
3000’ to 5000” & up
$0.14/per foot
16 mm film
50’ to 1999’
$ 0.25/ per foot
2000’ – up
$ 0.20/per foot


Type of WorkPrice
$ 0.80/each
With titles or special effects
$ 1.00/each
35mm Slides
$ 1.00/per slide
With titles or special effects
$ 1.50/per slide

Audio Transfer

Type of WorkPrice
CD to CD
$ 5.00/per CD
Audio cassettes 80min to CD
$ 15.00/per cassette
Reel 90 min to CD$ 25.00/per reel


Type of WorkPrice
33rpm LP records
$ 15.00
45 rpm LP records
$ 18.50
78 rpm LP records
$ 20.00

Additional Service Option

Type of WorkPrice
Add Titles$ 6.00/per title
Add song during main menu
$5.00/per song
Audio editing
$50.00/per hour
Video VHS, Audio tapes repair
Splice VHS tape
$ 6.00
Customized Scenes menu
$ 20.00
Replacement Music
$ 10.00/per song
Digital artwork/film, photo restoration
$ 50.00/per hour
Second HD camera
$150.00/per hour
ADD lights
$80.00/ per hour
ADD background set (Green screen)
$ 200.00/per hour